19 in 1 Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

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19 in 1 Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

Treat yourself or a gamer with a complete set of pro accessories for the Nintendo Switch! Perfect for on the go or travel, this kit has everything you need to keep enjoying your games, even when you're far away from home. From a carrying case, to protection, and even grip caps for the joy sticks, these kits have everything you need to keep your Switch organized and safe!


  • 1 * Nintendo Switch carrying case. Big size specially designed for Nintendo Switch
  • 1 * Switch controller charger--4 in 1 Joy-Con LED display charging dock
  • 1 * Nintendo Switch Protective hard case
  • 1 * Switch tempered glass screen protector
  • 1 * Switch Compact Playstand
  • 2 * Switch wheel--One red one blue steering wheel for Joy-Con controller
  • 2 * Switch Grip--Two black Joy-Con grip
  • 4 * Joy-Con Sillicone case--Two black/one red/one blue Joy-Con controller silicone case
  • 6 * Grip Caps--Two yellow/Two red/Two blue Joy-Con controller silicone caps


The Nintendo Switch console, Joy-Con controllers, power bank, game cartridges and micro sd cards are not included in the kit.

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