Magnetic Winding Charging Cable (USB C, Lightning, Micro USB)

Color: White
Style: Type-C
Option: 10 Magnetics
$6.99 $15.99


Magnetic Winding Charging Cable (USB C and Lightning)

Organizing and keeping your wires controlled has never been easier. These highly efficient charging cables not only offer you the power you need but also allow you to maneuver your wires into hard-to-fit places and keep your area neat. These charging cables are reinforced with high-quality flexible protective silicone tubing to ensure durability. Easy to wind, carry, and store! Bunches of tangled-up wires are now a thing of the past! 


  • Cable Length: 3ft
  • Current Rating: 3A Max
  • Voltage Rating: 5V Max
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 20VAC
  • Transmission speed up to 480mbit/s.


  • 1x Magnetic Winding Charging Cable


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