Magic Fur Pet Hair and Lint Remover

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Magic Fur Pet Hair and Lint Remover

The Fur Lint Remover Brush is the all-new extra-large lint brush that picks up fur and lint with ease and comes with its own self-cleaning base. With Fur Lint Remover Brush double-sided action, you can clean up twice as much in half the time of other lint brushes. Plus, cleaning your Fur Lint Remover Brush is a breeze with the self-cleaning base, just one dip, and both sides are clean! The secret is the thousands of micro-bristles that act like fingers, grabbing every piece of fur or fuzz. The self-cleaning base uses its own micro bristles to brush Fur Lint Remover Brush clean. When you are done, just remove the base clip and empty it.


  • Keeping your clothes, car and furniture pet hair and lint free has never been so easy.
  • Dual Side Design doubles your cleaning power and makes cleaning quick and convenient.
  • Cleaning the brush is super easy with the included self cleaning base. Simply insert the brush into the base and pull it out to quickly remove any debris.
  • No Refills! Reusable and eco-friendly, plus the added convenience of not dealing with sticky paper!
  • Works for Cats, Dogs, or any furry friends that tend to shed a lot!


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