Go Swing Topless Can Opener

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Go Swing Topless Can Opener

Never have a need for party cups again! With the Go Swing Topless Can Opener, you can turn any can of soda, beer, etc. into a cup! With a sturdy and durable design fit into a small compact package, you can take these can openers with you anywhere. Whether that is a barbeque down the street or a nice day at the beach, the Topless Can Opener will have you serving up awesome beverages. 

We know that all parties aren't just cans, sometimes cracking a cold one consists of popping the top off the bottle. A bottle opener is also included with this device.


  • Sharp and reinforced cutting wheels
  • Opens cans with ease
  • Useful for parties and family gatherings
  • Compact form, perfect for on the go
  • Multi use


  • 1x Go Swing Topless Can Opener

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