Skull Bourbon Whiskey Decanter Set with 6 Shot Glasses

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Skull Bourbon Whiskey Decanter Set with 6 Shot Glasses

Get spooky with this awesomely unique Skull Bourbon Whiskey Decanter set, which includes 6 double walled shot glasses that have a recessed skull design. The glass is blown professionally by hand and has a good clear texture to ensure a high quality view of your preferred drink. Perfect for any occasion but especially for Halloween, pirate themed parties, bachelor parties, etc. Not just limited to Bourbon Whisky, you can use this decanter to store wine, vodka, and more.


  • Elegant design: Slanted double wall glass design that gives an incredible aesthetic appeal and extreme comfort when handling - Perfect addition to
  • Intricate skull design: Each shot glass is carefully hand-blown and designed to perfection, made with only the finest quality glass material. If you love skulls, you'll absolutely love this!
  • Standard shot glass volume: when filled right above the eyes, and when filled to the brim - choose either a deadly shot or a stunning flaming limbo like you've never seen before!
  • Skull head shape and double wall glass is novelty and funny


  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Material:  High borosilicate glass

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