PS5 Vinyl Wrap Kit for Console and Controller

Design: USA Flag
Option: Digital Edition
$9.99 $27.99


PS5 Vinyl Wrap Kit for Console and Controller

Customize the look of your PS5 with these super awesome designs and be the envy of your friends! These PS5 Vinyl Wrap Kits include a skin for both sides of your PS5, along with 2 skins for your controllers. Easy to apply and remove (without leaving a sticky residue!) protect your PS5 from the natural elements of your home and look good while doing it! Each Vinyl is precision cut to ensure fitment with your PS5.


  • Easy To Apply and Remove
  • Highest Quality Vinyl, removable adhesive backed.
  • Removable without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Won't Scratch, Fade, or Peel. Protects from Dirt and Water.
  • Precision Cut, Access to Switches, Buttons, Faders, and Knobs.
  • Suitable for PS5 console + controller

It comes with:

  • 1 pcs console sticker
  • 2 pcs controller stickers

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