Deluxe Rabbit Corkscrew Kit Gift Set (6pcs)

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Deluxe Rabbit Corkscrew Kit Gift Set (6pcs)

Take your wine opening game up to the next level with this Deluxe Rabbit Corkscrew Kit Gift Set. Opening a bottle quicker and easier than using a traditional corkscrew. Simply remove the foil from your wine bottle, position the lever so that the cork screw itself is up, then clamp the handles around the neck of the bottle. Pulling the lever up, the corkscrew will penetrate the cork - then pulling the lever back down will extract the cork from the bottle. Removing the cork from the screw is just as simple, just clamp down the cork and move the lever up, then down again to remove the cork.

It really is that easy, no more worrying about the corkscrews position, or even any manual screwing as with your traditional corkscrew. 


The beautiful design, coupled with the practical function of this lever sommelier corkscrew opener set, will impress any guest. They will be pleased with the swift service with which their wine is served when you use this unique wine opener.

It comes with:

  • 1x Wine Corkscrew Opener;
  • 1x Wine Stopper;
  • 1x Foil Cutter;
  • 1x Wine Drip Ring;
  • 1x Wine Pourer;
  • 1x Spare Corkscrew Spiral





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